Saturday, October 4, 2008

No Need for Hypnosis

There is no need for hypnosis to lose weight. At least not as a first resort. When you follow this blog you read about the dynamics of what is beneficial for you and what is less beneficial.

Let's State The Obvious
It is obvious to everyone that if you put sugar into your coffee, eat candy all day, and grab some junk food on your way back from work, you are NOT going to lose weight.

Weight loss is built by eating healthy foods, and that is very easy to recognize. When you have tried to follow a healthy diet, there will be results. If your results don't move in the right direction something IS wrong.

If you exercise regularly you may be building muscle, and muscles weigh more than fat. So you may have a weight increase, but an actual fat loss. You want to lose as much fat as possible by getting your engine running. Your body needs the right foods to start the process.

If You're Kidding Yourself Hypnosis May Be a Solution
If you don't see the errors you make, and consequently can't get the process started, you may want to consider hypnosis. But you should perhaps take a look at the Strip That Fat product I have linked to above. It may save you quite a bit of money.

Stay tuned for more on healthy foods, and CONTINUING in the right direction. :-)

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