Monday, October 6, 2008

Keys to Unlocking Weight Loss

The keys to unlocking weight loss are fundamental for your future good health. Weight loss is NOT just about a diet — it should NOT be short-term, but should be a lifelong change of your everyday diet.

You need to pay attention to vegetables and less fatty foods. You need to put gravies aside and begin LISTENING instead of FILTERING everything comparing it to what you may have heard previously.

Inside Look at Healthy Population
Many rightfully mention that Crete - the small Greek island - has one of the lowest rates of heart attacks and cancer. They begin talking of oils much like some quote athletes for eating quite a bit of pasta as though that WAS an ideal food.

You need to realize how you COUPLE your foods. When you couple the wrong elements together what can be beneficial in itself can turn into POISON FOR YOUR BODY. Read that again. Your mind wants you to disregard this, but it doesn't take away from the point that you need to change your current intake of calories, proteins, fats, starches etc.

You need to BUILD balance in a long-term style of living that will allow you to experience BOTH weight loss and muscle toning. As you lose weight you can add to your exercise. Let's face it. If you have previously only taken 10 steps TO your car and 10 steps BACK IN from your car, you only took 20 steps previously. If you can add to that, you will slowly find that it becomes a custom to move around more. The Japanese call this "the Kaizen principle" because you take small baby steps in the right direction.

You don't become discouraged by little results when you only make little effort, but most people start out their diets with pills, flushings and all sorts of strange things that may bring a quick weight loss. What fails is that it is ONLY a temporary weight loss. You want to build consistent habits you can keep so your diet should be balanced and focused on more than just the essense of weight loss.

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