Friday, September 19, 2008

Being Fit And Staying Healthy

This blog has been started in part to COMMIT to the mission of becoming FIT and STAYING HEALTHY — for others it will be a mission of continually being fit when you are already fit to a certain extent.

Big boys - like big girls - have an interest in lowering their blood pressure, improving muscle mass, building stamina and redesigning their entire lives to gain a whole new perspective on life. Being part of that is building up your own future.

Now, I know, everyone hates being spoken down to, but this won't be the case on this blog. When I speak and write I pass on good advice, not from a perspective of being better at it. Advice is given because it HELPS you too. I welcome your comments and I hope you will join in subscribing through RSS so you are constantly updated when this blog is also updated.

I am a guy who starts at 157,9 kilos, and though I have a muscle weight measured at 107, my goal is at least to see a fitness trainer when I have reached 110. Getting down to that level can help you out there too.

Join for a community of people who commit to becoming fit and staying healthy. Once we all become more healthy we can begin to accept some of the things we HAVE denied for so long. Resisting temptation is similar to smoking or drinking for others. I was a smoker from the age of 22 until I quit 2 years ago - on August 1st 2006. Making excuses for weight gain is NO LONGER an acceptable course of action.

So, watch out, there's weight to be lost and articles to be devoured as I begin on this quest towards giving ourselves the life we all deserve. A healthy life with fruits, colours, fun and enthusiasm.

Have fun everyone.

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