Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Don't Ever Give Up!

Readers will probably already have read my article What Does Your BMI Tell You?. For many of us, the REAL CHANGE happens when we see the results of positive life changes.

For me the big catalyst for weight loss was a job change. Let me explain. I spent about six years driving cabs in two cities. One before I met my ex-wife, and got to know a new city when she came into the picture. I have a disease, sleep apnea, which caused me to crash a car - it could have ended very badly. Luckily it didn't, and I got a cpap machine - a reverse hoover that blows air through the nose while I sleep. I changed to evening and night shifts in a job I started in february of 2008.

Bad sleeping habits, low exercise levels and a laissex-faire attitude caused me to continue the path of just 'being' overweight...

About a month ago, I changed my job into day time work - and had the beneficial experience of LOSING 6 kilos in a month. :-)

Talk about incentive for continued change. We humans DO need the sun, we DO need good sleep. We may lose a couple of tv-series. But, let's face it, we can record them, and Watch them at other times, can't we?

It all starts with ONE admission we all must make, at least to ourselves.


We MUST recognize that we are SUGAR PIGS!

Previously, buffets were opportunities to EAT, taste many things, and generally just pig in... Deserts were lovely, and food was just something that was ENJOYED. Suddenly, my perspective changed. And yours must change too...

I still enjoy good food, but I eat a lot LESS of it.

This is the key to ANY and ALL weight loss: your intake of calories must be smaller than what you burn during the day!

You need proper sleep, you need to make sure your stomach processes food the right way. You need Water - and lots of it. We are in the summer period here in the Northern hemisphere. You need to be properly hydrated for your system to work as it should.

The real catalyst for change is recognizing success, and continuing the path. You CAN become a healthy person. You just need to acknowledge the error of your ways. Recognize you have been abusing food, whether it be sweets, too much dressing on salads or whatever else destroys good eating habits.

Let's face it: we all know what is healthy. A good sandwich with salmon and lettuce is good, tastes excellently and is a natural food that is good for your body. Even things you thought you didn't like can suddenly become very nice once you actually give it a chance.

Today, I would like to welcome your experience with weight loss. I am motivated, and this blog is going to pick up speed Again. 'I'm back!' as Schwarzie would say... :-)

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