Sunday, August 22, 2010

Becoming Fit - Successes and Failures

Today I want to focus on becoming fit, and especially on successes and failures. What has been your source for success? What has been your major stumblingblock when trying to become fit?
I want to hear YOUR impressions so I can focus this blog more precisely on what YOU need.

Telling you about my success in losing abt. 20 lbs is one thing, but that won't help you if you have a different "problem" in your attempts at losing weight. Telling you to drop all forms of sugar is one thing - showing you how this is done IRL is quite another.

Sugar is all around us. Many have a sweet tooth, and it can be very difficult to adjust your diet if you sometimes eat outside the home. Many dressings for salads are filled with sugar and other carbohydrates.

When you want to eliminate sugar entirely, you need to avoid ALL refined foods that have sugar in them - both the obvious and less obvious elements.

But this article is written to request YOUR feedback, so please do tell me what YOU think: what has been YOUR successes (and strongpoints) and YOUR weaknesses (and sore spots)?

Thanks very much beforehand for your comments.

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